Inspirations for 2017

We invite you to view our gallery and see what inspires us as we try new combinations of color and texture, setting trends for fashion forward outdoor shading.
Fresh Picked

Inspired by the daisies, daffodils and other sunny flowers that make us smile, this Double Decker in Ocre X with Ivory Brush Fringe on a Scalloped Valance is double the fun.

Sweet as Candy

Inspired by the colorful lollipops we loved growing up, this Cirque in Tropical Pink and Concord, with Concord trim on a scalloped valance, is a sweet treat.

Mediterranean, Si!

The beach umbrellas that dot the Mediterranean coastline inspired us to create this Santa Barbara teak umbrella, in Naranja Stripe. Create your own private beach club!

A Bit of Mystery

Inspired by the Arabian Nights, this Mirasol in Aqua Sea with Token Surfside lining, Mirasol valance and White bullion fringe, has a custom Flame finial. Create your own legend with this Inspiration.

Sophisticated Elegance

This Paseo in True Brown is outfitted with a straight valance. White bullion fringe adds a touch of flair, for a look that is sleek, smooth and stylish.

Cool Impression

We started with a Mirasol in Kiwi on a Cameo frame, added a floral lining in Violeta Baltic, and, voila! Inspired by our favorite impressionist artists.


Inspired by the artists and filmmakers who create masterpieces in shades of grey. This Cirque in Charcoal and Whitecap, with a keyhole style valance trimmed in Black, is our take on classic black and white.

White Wedding

Our version of the ultimate wedding dress. This Mirasol with a Flamenco canopy in Whitecap, with Natural braid trim, just might upstage the bride.

Solids & Stripes

We took a tip from the fashion world and mixed solids and stripes, to create this Riviera in Tango Orange with Shore Regatta Lining. Ready for the runway!

All orders are custom and priced according to your fabric, style and base selections.