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The Vogue Collection Image
The Vogue Collection: Bold Blocking

Vogue boldly combines two trending colors on one canopy to make a fashion forward statement. This year’s dynamic color duos can be seen on our three supermodels, fresh from the catwalks of Paris.

The Renee Umbrella Image
The Renee

Renee is runway-ready in this delightful duo of Tropical Pink and Cornsilk. Yellow and Pink is a fashionista favorite this season for its fresh and modern look.

The Frankie Umbrella Image
The Frankie

Frankie wears a striking combination of cool colors that heats up the runway. Peacock Blue and Iguana are the two fabrics we’ve blocked together here, for a clean, crisp look.

The Valery Umbrella Image
The Valery

Valery owns the catwalk in Tango Orange and Cadet Grey. Muted neutrals are combined with bright colors for a look that’s sure to heat up haute couture this spring.

The Glacé Collection Image
The Glacé Collection: Cool Combos

A cool confectionary treat on a warm summer day turns down the heat and brings on a smile. The Glace´ collection offers three treats that are chilled, fresh and fruity – and picture-perfect.

Apricot Mousse Umbrella Image
Apricot Mousse

Summertime and stone fruits are forever friends, and the rich warm hues of late summer apricots are reflected in the colors of this Paseo umbrella. The canopy is in Mandarin Orange, and the contrasting scalloped valance and wind vent are in Tango Orange.

Blueberry Cheesecake Umbrella Image
Blueberry Cheesecake

This classic crowd pleaser blends fresh berries with cool, creamy textures to please the palate and delight the senses. We blend Whitecap and Lavender Cloud fabrics and serve on a Double Decker frame with a scalloped valance.

Kiwi Sorbet Umbrella Image
Kiwi Sorbet

Tart and sweet, this exotic green fruit from down under is always a refreshing treat. Our version of Kiwi Sorbet is made with Iguana and Jungle Green fabric on a Riviera frame, finished with a keyhole valance.

The Colori Collection Image
The Colori Collection: Artistic Adaptations

The Colori collection uses a vibrant palette to create works that make a statement with vivid colors. We love the way contemporary artists communicate with saturated tones and brilliant hues. Inspired by three paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe, we created these three offerings, in shades that evoke the hidden magic of the everyday world.

Spring Tree Umbrella Image
Spring Tree

O’Keeffe loved the bright greens and yellows of the cottonwood tree, as depicted in her painting, Spring Tree. Our Inspiration: A Petite Flamenco with a canopy in Iguana, finished with Buttercup braid trim.

Golden Hibiscus Umbrella Image
Golden Hibiscus

O’Keeffe captured the rich, warm oranges and yellows of the hibiscus flower in full bloom, in her classic work, Golden Hibiscus. Our Inspiration: A Santa Barbara Teak umbrella, with a Mango Stripe canopy and Tango Orange double banding.

Blue Flower Umbrella Image
Blue Flower

O’Keeffe often used cool color combinations in her floral depictions, as she did in Blue Flower. Our Inspiration: A Double Decker with a Cirque-seamed canopy in Iguana and Peacock Blue.

The Tao Collection Image
The Tao Collection: Essential Elements

Ancient Chinese dynasties produced beautiful jewelry from rare stones and precious metals. We produced three Asian-inspired gems for the Tao Collection, each with its own Zen vibe.

Red Coral Umbrella Image
Red Coral

Red coral is believed to bring good luck and money while banishing evil. Lucky for us we have this Mirasol in Tango Red. The fabric on the Mirasol valance is Indochine from Nomi Outdoor; the Coral outdoor tassels are custom.

Purple Jade Umbrella Image
Purple Jade

Purple jade has been considered a royal gemstone in China for several centuries. We pay tribute to this regal gem with our own version of the jewel, a Paseo umbrella on a Sandstone frame in Peacock Blue and Lila, with Brass braid trim and tassels.

Black Pearl Umbrella Image
Black Pearl

Chinese legend says that a natural black pearl is a symbol of infinite wisdom. Our Black Pearl is a Paseo umbrella in Whitecap and Midnight Black, with Red braid trim and tassels. Smart, indeed.

All orders are custom and priced according to your fabric, style and base selections.