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Inspirations for 2018

This year’s Inspirations celebrate the magic that gives meaning to our lives. A memory of a special place, a moment in time that lives on, a delightful daydream . . . these things give us pause and remind us to look for the exceptional in the ordinary.

Our four collections for 2018 conjure up visions of golden summers on white sandy beaches, the romance of iconic hotels, the dynamic power of color, and the allure of exciting destinations. We hope that some of our creations will cast a spell on you.
The Beachside Collection: Fun Fringe

The seaside has a magic of its own. Echoes of endless days on beautiful beaches can be heard in each of the three umbrellas in our Beachside Collection.

The Bora Bora

Inspired by the lush island flora of Tahiti, this Mirasol in Whitecap with Hot Pink Brush Fringe on a Mirasol Valance is Polynesian perfection.

The Copacabana

The bright blue water and white sand of Rio de Janeiro inspired this Paseo in Whitecap, with Aruba Brush Fringe on a Scalloped Valance.

The Gold Coast

This surfer’s paradise from Down Under inspired us to create a Double Decker with Buttercup Brush Fringe on a Scalloped Valance. Whitecap fabric gives it a crisp Aussie look, mate!

The Hotelier Collection: Dynamic Duos

The enchantment of the great hotels of the world has been captured in great literature and classic motion pictures. We’ve captured it in our Hotelier Collection.

The Royalton

The storied Royalton Hotel in New York inspired this Cirque with a classic Navy and Whitecap combination. Gold Braid Trim gives it a five-star finish.

The Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills Hotel, aka the Pink Palace, inspired us to create this Cirque with the perfect combination of Candy Pink and Tropical Pink, with Hot Pink Braid Trim.

The Fountainbleu

Glamour meets tropical heat at the Fountainbleu in Miami Beach. We combined cool Azure with warm Tropical Pink in this Cirque. Add Azure Braid Trim for the ultimate poolside fashion accessory.

The Wild Ombre Collection: Groovy Gradients

We love the way ombre fabrics inspire us to see things differently, by creating many shades from just one hue. Our Wild Ombre Collection introduces three limited edition fabrics, inviting you to create your own color perspective.

The Blue Dream

Bright blue skies with fluffy white clouds make us smile, and they inspired Blue Dreamz, the canopy fabric on this classic Santa Barbara teak umbrella.

The Ultra Violet

We love the enigmatic nature of ultra violet light. Inspired by all things purple, we introduce Purple Haze, the canopy fabric on this Mirasol, on a White frame with White Bullion Fringe.

The Midnight Star

We love to wish on a star (who doesn’t?). Nights bright with stars are the inspiration for Midnight Starz, the canopy fabric on this Riviera square teak umbrella.

The Jet Set Collection: Fat Stripes

When a getaway is out of the question, sometimes a little imagination is all we need to take us away, even if it’s just for a while. Our Jet Set Collection is a nod to some of our favorite chic destinations.

The Positano

Named for the seaside village on the Amalfi coast, this Double Decker with Cirque seaming reflects the sophisticated charm of this seaside resort. Slate Blue and Cadet Grey canopy fabrics evoke the understated elegance of this Italian playground.

The St. Tropez

The beaches and nightclubs of the French Riviera inspired us to create this bold Mirasol, in alternating panels of Concord and Cadet Grey, on a Platinum frame. Add Concord Braid Trim on a Scalloped Valance, and this Inspiration is dressed to the nines.

The Monte Carlo

Super yachts, race cars and casinos are part of the everyday excitement that’s always in the air in Monte Carlo. We think this Mirasol in Aqua Sea Stripe with White Bullion fringe creates the ideal setting to take a break from the action.

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