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Experience the Difference

Santa Barbara Designs is committed to crafting the highest quality, best designed, most refined outdoor umbrellas possible.

The attention to detail and level of quality control processes the company employs is unsurpassed. Santa Barbara Designs’ staff prides itself on upholding their reputation as makers of the highest quality umbrella possible, custom-crafting and hand-finishing each umbrella in Southern California.

Dozens of skilled hands touch every umbrella under production, multiple times. Those experienced hands have built tens of thousands of Santa Barbara umbrellas for tens of thousands of loyal customers worldwide. From the expert sewing room staff, pattern makers, cutters and sewers, to the skilled production staff who inspect, cut, sand, finish, assemble, and pack; all eyes are on the fine details.

To withstand the most extreme weather conditions, Santa Barbara Designs uses high-performance, marine-grade, weather tested materials and parts. The latest advances in commercial canvas enhance the all-weather endurance of the finest woods, brass or stainless fittings and UV-resistant varnishes. This unwavering functionality, combined with more design choices — including updated color, pattern, texture and finish options — results in an umbrella that is made to last and designed to delight.

All orders are custom and priced according to your fabric, style and base selections.