Operating Instructions

To Open:

  1. Loosen the thumb screws in the base until they are almost flush with the tube.
  2. Place the umbrella in an upright position in the base Tighten the thumb screws to secure the umbrella pole.
  3. Untie the fabric ties to release the Retie the fabric ties in a bow to prevent them from dangling below the canopy’s edge when the umbrella is open.
  4. Open the umbrella canopy by pulling straight down on the If the canopy does not open readily the umbrella is in a hyper-closed position. Simply reach in and splay the arms a bit and then pull on the rope.
  5. Insert the pin into one of the three holes in the upper With use, higher pin placement will become easier as the umbrella canopy stretches slightly.
  6. Loop the rope and place it in the metal hook near the

To close, grasp the rope firmly to maintain the canopy’s position and then remove the pin. Lower the canopy by slowly releasing the rope. Secure the fabric ties around the canopy.

All orders are custom and priced according to your fabric, style and base selections.