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27 March 2023

Classic Combo: Black and White

Valentino Garavani, fashion designer to the stars in Hollywood’s Glamour era, once said, “Black and white is always elegant. It is the perfect harmony.” We believe the same holds true for all of art and design. And while our vast selection of fabrics and trims offers hundreds of color customization choices, when it comes to building your umbrella, sometimes the best combination is classic Black and White.

Image of umbrellas and furniture

Whether you choose stripes or solids, we’ve got some ideas to help you incorporate this iconic color palette into your outdoor space.

Create a Bold and Stylish Statement with Stripes:
Our Regatta Cabana Black Stripe fabric can help to add the touch of drama you seek, a timeless look that will never be out of fashion.

Image of umbrella and furniture
Nantucket, MA | Design by Bierly Drake and Steele Associates

Image of umbrellas and furniture poolside
Dallas, TX | Design by Double B Design

Image of umbrellas and furniture
San Franciso Proper Hotel | Design by Kelly Wearstler

Image of umbrellas and furniture
Lido Marina Village | Newport Beach, CA

Break the Rules:
Apply our stripes vertically on the canopy, for added visual interest. Add an interior lining in a solid color for a unique and eye-catching design.
Image of umbrella in pool
Palm Springs, CA | Private Residence

Image of umbrellas and furniture
Silicon Valley, CA | Design by Ken Fulk

Do Play on the Furniture:
Order additional fabric for cushions or pillows, and let your creative juices flow. Have fun with contrasting welts and bolster pillows.
Image of umbrella and furniture
Palm Springs, CA | Design by Lori Paranjape

Bring in the Light with White:
Start with a canopy in Regatta Whitecap, then contrast it with black trim or fringe to create a clean, iconic look.
Image of umbrellas poolside
Silicon Beach, CA | Runway Playa Vista

Image of umbrella and furniture poolside
Zurich, Switzerland | Design by Roomdresser

Try Shapeshifting:
Experiment with alternating panels and valances in Whitecap and Midnight Black, for a unique twist on a timeless theme.
Image of umbrellas and furniture poolside
Palm Beach, FL | Design by Kemble Interiors

Image of umbrella in workshop
Santa Barbara Designs Workshop | Final Destination Unknown

Whether it’s quiet sophistication you seek, or dramatic contrast with legendary style, our creative team is ready to help you achieve that perfect harmony.