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17 July 2023

Destination: Barbie Land

When Barbie premieres this weekend, audiences will get a peek inside the fantasy world where Barbie and Ken reside. Barbie Land, the pink utopia created by production designer Sarah Greenwood and set decorator Katie Spencer, is a modernist dream in a palette of bright, saturated color.

The design team took inspiration from Palm Springs midcentury modernism, including Richard Neutra’s 1946 Kaufmann House and other icons photographed by Slim Aarons. The result is a candy-colored world of pinks, yellows, and blues – with convertible corvettes, palm trees and retro-chic umbrellas as far as the eye can see.

While Barbie and Ken may live in a fantasy world, we can help you bring some real style and color into yours, with retro designs like the Santa Barbara Designs PS Modern Double Decker, and fabrics that pop in solids, stripes, and polka dots.

Image of umbrella and furniture

Kaufmann House; designed by Richard Neutra Palm Springs, 1946

Image of umbrellas and furniture

Image of umbrella and furniture
Former William Holden Estate; designed by master builder Joe Pawling, 1955

Image of home with umbrellas and furniture
Lyford Cay; design by Amanda Lindroth, 2017

Image of home with umbrellas and furniture

Your designs bring Santa Barbara Umbrellas to life in the real world. In PINK, and hundreds of other color, stripe, dot, and trim combinations. Wishing Barbie and Ken a warm welcome to our world on July 21st.