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29 November 2021

Our Aussie Partners

When winter comes to the Northern Hemisphere, our friends down under are just getting their summer party started. And our Australian partners at The Textile and Design Studio, who represent Santa Barbara Designs, are busy getting party-ready. The team at TTDS are designers, manufacturers, and distributors of high end product to the design trade.

Image team at TTDS

Image of Niamh Brennan
“Our design inspiration is drawn from the diverse natural beauty of Australia”, says Niamh Brennan, co-founder of TTDS. “We go to great lengths to conduct our research, collating our influences from international trade shows, leaders of industry and working exclusively with award-winning and innovative manufacturers and suppliers.”

Image of Sonya Romeo
Co-founder Sonya Romeo says, “As a team we understand the importance of style, undeniable quality and attention to detail. We hope our fabrics, leathers and umbrellas help you create a gorgeous space with an individual sense of spirit and soul.”

Umbrellas from Santa Barbara Designs can now be seen in more and more places in the land down under, in both residential and commercial installations, thanks to our good partners at The Textile and Design Studio. To them we say, “Cheers, mates!”

Image of umbrellas and furniture

Image of umbrellas and furniture

Image of umbrellas and furniture


You can find The Textile and Design Studio’s complete contact information on our Affiliate Showrooms page.