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26 April 2021

Spotlight on Sewing

The sewing department at Santa Barbara Designs is where your ideas are transformed into reality.

Image of spools of braid trim

Our Regatta fabrics are all awning grade solution-dyed acrylic. Gore Tenara thread, the gold standard in outdoor fabrication, is used in every canopy.

Image of cut fabric
Image of spools of thread

Our talented team of seamstresses works tirelessly to fabricate your canopies, in our state-of-the-art workshop.

Image of seamstresses at work
Image of seamstress at work

From cutting, to seaming, to applying trims and fringes, these skilled hands stay busy all day long, creating your dreams.

Image of seamstress cutting fabric
Image of hands sewing
Image of seamstress at work

Every creation is a work of art.

Image of different valances on display
Image of pink umbrella in front of warehouse door

If you can imagine it, our sewing team can create it!