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Petite Flamenco®

Sturdy Aluminum Frame Image
Sturdy Aluminum Frame

The Petite Flamenco umbrella is offered in aluminum, safeguarded from corrosion with a special Chem Film® conversion coating. Select from eight powder coat colors.

Petite Flamenco Umbrella Image
Make a Fashion Statement

Be bold or chic – the Petite Flamenco is an umbrella with an attitude!

Petite Flamenco


Slate powder coat image Slate
Black powder coat image Black
Bronze powder coat image Bronze
Platinum powder coat image Platinum
Sandstone powder coat image Sandstone
Sand powder coat image Sand
Cameo powder coat image Cameo
White powder coat image White

Size & Shape

Style Number Size Ground Clearance Pole Diameter Overall Height
PCH - 8 - PF 8'0" 7'0" 1.5" 8'9"
PCH - 9 - PF 9'0" 7'0" 2.0" 8'9"
PCH - 10 - PF 10'6" 7'0" 2.0" 8'9"

All orders are custom and priced according to your fabric, style and base selections.